Crete | Greece

1. Bathy December 19, 2010 20:12

Vathi is a spectacular beach located 79km and 17km southwest of Heraklion and the village Sivas, respectively. Situated very close to the southernmost point of Crete, Cape Lithino, and far away from urban centers, Vathi is an ideal destination for anyone seeking for the ultimate relaxation.

The beach is shaped at the exit of a small gorge, surrounded by long cliffs. The circular bight of the bay conceals it from the open sea, making Vathy a natural hideout. It is no coincidence that pirates used it as their anchorage. The well-protected beach has almost always calm waters, although the surrounding beaches can be very wavy. The only wind that causes a storm in the area is form southwest directions.

The walls along the gorge of the area are full with wonderful natural cavities, caused by the erosion of the white limestone by the wind and salt. Nearby, Υou will only see several makeshift huts and primitive homes, built by the locals who come mainly from the village Gergeri. Their ancestors used to spend their winter in this warm place, together with their sheep. The lucky heirs now spend their summers in this tranquil place.