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1. The beach of Analipsis December 20, 2010 07:25

The village of Analipsi (i.e. Ascension) is located 20km east of Heraklion and takes its name after the church of the Ascension of Christ. It is located in the center of a fertile valley, cultivated with vegetables and olives. The settlement was called Svouros’ Farm in the early 20th century, after some Turks who had their crops here. Analipsi later was occupied by the the shepherds of Saint George village, in Lasithi Plateau, where the winter is very cold. Thus, they moved their cattle here in winter. Today, the lucky descendants of the shepherds have large properties in the area, with hotels, shops, restaurants and all sorts of tourist facilities.

Analipsi is less developed touristically than the other resorts of the surrounding area and is a favorite destination for families, since the holidays here is peaceful and qualitative. In front of the village, there is a small pier with a picturesque church next to it. West of the chapel the coast is rocky, except a small harbor, where a beach is formed. On the other side of the chapel, on the east, you will find the long beach of Analipsis, which is very well organized but open to north winds. The water is not deep and the sand is fine.