Suma Beach
Hyōgo | Japan

1. Nice location! April 4, 2012 23:42

It's not a famous beach in the world. There are some seaside cabins, so we can buy food, drink, and eat something. Some people swim in the ocean, sleep under the parasol and play beach volleyball. I have another reason to like Suma beach. There is a aquarium next to the beach, so we can see beautiful fish, jelly fish, penguins and a dolphin's show. I think you had better go there if you come to Japan. It makes you HAPPY!

2. Suma Beach - Good for Families August 7, 2011 08:57

Located right in front of JR Suma Station, Suma Beach is very convenient for those who take trains. It's the oldest beach in Kobe. There are many beach houses where you can buy food, drinks and swimming goods. You can also take a shower and use the locker rooms. There is a lifeguard station and police station. You can have a good time playing beach volleyball. There's a reggae party every weekend in summer. The water quality is not so good and it doesn't have big waves, so I don't recommend it for swimmers or surfers. This beach is good for families to spend their summer leisure time. There is an aquarium close to Suma Beach where you can enjoy the dolphin show.Tattoos are not allowed.