Glyka Nera
Crete | Greece

1. One of the nicest Greek beaches December 18, 2010 13:01

Glyka Nera (meaning "sweet water") is one of the most beautiful beaches in Crete, with deep blue water color and nice pebbles. In 2003, the beach was ranked among the best 20 in Europe by London Times. This is located 43km west of Chora Sfakion and 75km south of Chania. This is called like this because of the fresh water that gushes from the pebbles!

The only way to access Glyka Nera is by boat. For adventurous people, there is a path leading here from Chora Sfakion (takes 30') and another tougher path from Loutro (takes 60' and chiking near the edge is quite stressful).

There is a small rough taverna on the beach that sells food, cold beverages and sunbeds. You don't need to have water with you, since the water from spring is potable. Sea water is generally cold because of the springs, even in mid summer. If you have the opportunity, you should visit Glyka Nera.