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1. The beach of Klados Gorge December 18, 2010 14:17

The beautiful beach Dhomata is located 7km east of Sougia and 58km south of Chania. The beach is the ending point of the wild and rugged gorge of Klados.

The beach is beautiful with fine pebbles and crystal clear blue waters. If you dig in the sand, you can find fresh water. As expected, the region has no roads and no infrastructures. The numerous pine trees near the beach offer natural shade and a good camping opportunity.

Dhomata is one of the finest intact beaches in Greece. There will be only you, the sea, the sun and the pine trees.

Access to Dhomata is possible either through Klados gorge, or by boat. If you walk in the gorge and there is no boat waiting for you, the only path leading to civilization is the rugged trail that heads east and leads to the Agia Roumeli (3 -4 hours on foot). However, beware that the slopes are very steep and dangerous, as the trail climbs at an altitude of 700m.