Crete | Greece

1. The vast beachfront of Georgioupolis December 19, 2010 11:29

Georgioupolis beach stretches 2km to the east, starting from the river Almiros and ending in Kavros beach, which is a natural extension of the first beach. Like all coastal front of the area, Georgioupolis beach is sandy with large dunes and shallow waters. It is very well organized with lifeguards and is ideal for children. However, if it is windy, high attention is required because of the sea currents. umbrellas, showers, food and drinks are available on the beach. You can also enjoy water sports and horse riding.

700m east of the port, the beach "breaks" into two parts, because of the river Perastikos. From there, the beach continues to the east with greater width of the beach. The area next to the river has lush vegetation and the sea is very cold.