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1. Episkopi long beachfront December 19, 2010 19:33

The beach Episkopi is located 45km east of Chania and 14km west of Rethymnon, in a fertile valley with lowlands. It takes its name from the nearby village, Episkopi, located 2km southern. Almost no-one Greek knows this place, but everybody knows the family Vardinoyannis, originating from here. This is one of the richest families in Greece.

The beach is bounded on the west by the river Mouselas and west by the river that runs in the gorge of Petres, next to Zourida bridge. It is a long beach, 3.5km long, which is sandy, shallow and mostly wavy, like most beaches of Northern Crete. There can be some sea weeds on the beach but not really much. It is very well organized, since there are many hotels, restaurants, taverns, bars and all the amenities one could need. In the western part of the beach you can find places with lifeguards, showers, changing rooms, umbrellas, snack bars, water sports, etc. However, given its large size, you can certainly find a quiet spot, especially in the eastern part. Lastly, at the beginnig of the beach on the east side there is an opportunity for naturism.