Psari Forada
Crete | Greece

1. Sidonia December 19, 2010 19:49

Sidonia (or Syndonia or Kato Psari) is located 89km southeast of Heraklion, inside a large valley, 9km east of Viannos and 1km south of the village Psari Forada (or Mesa Psari). This is also called Psari Forada, after the nearby village. It is believed to be situated on the site of the ancient town of Sidonia. It was originally the seaside village of fishermen and farmers coming from the village Kalami, situated 9km northern. Psari Forada and Sidonia are hidden in the hug of a deep valley that runs with a small stream.

The area has warm climate, which favors the cultivation of olive trees, subtropical fruits such as bananas, or early outdoor vegetables. The area of Psari Forada has experienced a mild tourist development in recent years and now is a traditional tranquil place, perfect for quiet holidays at a very leisurely pace.