Crete | Greece

1. Arvi December 19, 2010 19:50

Arvi is a large seaside village located 79km southeast of Heraklion and 35km west of Ierapetra, in a large valley formed in front of the imposing Gorge of Arvi. It is built on the location of the homonym ancient Arvi.

In the valley of Arvi and the surrounding area, there are too many greenhouses. The locals deal mainly with agriculture, because the warm climate of the region helps the production of bananas, fresh vegetables and olive oil. The banana of Arvi is very famous throughout Greece for its special scent and unique flavor.

The village has developed during the last years, mainly because is very close to truly beautiful beaches. Holidays in Arvi are still very quiet and the place is tranquil. West of the small harbor is the main beach of the area, with coarse sand and pebbles. It is well organized with umbrellas, water sports and with many options for accommodation and food around. If you walk westwards, you will find a long pebbly beach, where you can relax and stay more secluded. It is near the main road heading to Amiras village. There is the only gas station in the wider area.