Aspri Limni Beach
Crete | Greece

1. White Lake December 19, 2010 07:54

Aspri Limni (i.e. White Lake) is one of the most gorgeous beaches in Crete, that almost nobody nows. This is a small secret beach, located 500m west of Chrysoskalitissa and 70km southwest of Chania. Thousands of visitors are attracted by the nearby exotic Elafonisi lagoon, but actually nobody has heard of this magnificent neighboring place.

The beach has fine white sand and is surrounded by smooth rocks, reminding of a small white lake inside the sea. Fortunately, the beach is unexploited by touristic industry and remains an untouched paradise. There is no natural shade in the area. In order to come here, you have to turn right in Chrysoskalitissa village. Then ask one local to show you the way or see the map.